EFI Reggiani TERRA pigment for a green, fast, and competitive textile process

EFI™ Reggiani binder technology delivers an environmentally friendly and short process. The inline polymerization guarantees less water, less energy, and less processing time, no washing and no steaming needed. Plus, excellent fastness properties and high printability sharpness allow you to print even the finest designs on the widest range of fabrics.

Product Information

Integrated solution

  • Strongest worldwide experience and knowledge

  • Full technological support provided by EFI Reggiani
  • 12-month warranty on the printheads provided by EFI Reggiani

Technical information

  • Substrates (Cotton, Cotton-poly blends*)

  • Printhead compatibility (Kyocera KJ4B)
  • Recommended RH (50%–60%)
  • Shelf life (12 months if stored under recommended conditions)
  • Environmental conditions (Inks must be stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources)


  • Wide range of applications such as fashion, home textile, and accessories


  • Padding with TERRA preparation
  • Printing and curing in line

EFI Reggiani TERRA preparation

Choose the option that best fits your need:

  1. EFI Reggiani TERRA PRIMER to improve printing definition
  2. EFI Reggiani TERRA PLUS to increase color intensity
  3. EFI Reggiani TERRA FIX to raise fastness results to customize your recipe
  4. EFI Reggiani TERRA PREP IN-ONE for easy-to-use applications

EFI Reggiani TERRA inks are available in the following colors:

TERRA Cyan (PA110C)
TERRA Magenta (PA120M)
TERRA Yellow (PA130Y)
TERRA Green (PA160G)
TERRA Black (PA100K)
TERRA Red (PA150R)
TERRA Blue (PA140B)
TERRA Orange (PA170O)