Digital Platform for Precision Coating Applications

The 48PL delivers high-throughput digital fluid delivery with a uniquely wide range of industrial fluids. It is a non-contact technology that delivers the benefits of inkjet printing using fluids up to 200 cPoise and containing particles up to 150 microns. It is designed for scaled-up industrial implementations in high throughput coating applications.

The patented precision liquid delivery technology is based on a unique PiezoNeedle array, which delivers digitally-defined fluid patterns. The actuation of the PiezoNeedle produces drops with high momentum, enabling large throw distances and exceptional mass accuracy, all at high throughput.

The simplicity of the design means the technology can conveniently be scaled to machine widths in excess of two meters and can be used in challenging industrial environments. The 48PL digital precision coating head is suitable for use in a range of implementations: from low-throughput, narrow web R&D/pilot developments to scaled-up multi-head production systems.

The 48PL coating head is supplied as a system with an integrated recirculating fluid supply. Designed for industrial applications, the system is scalable to many heads and the fluid supply system can be heated and stirred. The system is designed to be compliant for use in regulated industries such as food and healthcare.

Throughput >up to 50 mL min per printhead
Fluid viscosity up to 200 cPoise
Fluid temperature up to 80 °C
Print width 121 mm per printhead
Supply tank volume 100 mL – 2.5 L
Recirculation rate up to 500 mL min per printhead
Changeover time <5 minutes
Construction material Stainless steel