Print with colors so brilliant and deep that they’ve never been seen before

Created with advanced technology and using premium raw materials, EFI™ Reggiani ARIA direct disperse inks ensure that your fabrics have bright, vivid colors with excellent definition.

Deeping will allow you to easily achieve the desired through-print and maximize your results when disperse printing, while quick drying and very high washing-off and light-fastness properties make them the perfect inks to get you noticed.

Product Information

Integrated solution

  • Strongest worldwide experience and knowledge

  • Full technological support provided by EFI Reggiani
  • Continuous quality control
  • 12-month warranty on the printheads provided by EFI Reggiani

Technical information

  • Substrates (Polyester, polyamide)

  • Printhead compatibility (Kyocera KJ4B)
  • Recommended RH (50%–60%)
  • Shelf life (12 months if stored under recommended conditions)
  • Environmental conditions (Inks must be stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources)


  • Wide range of applications, such as fashion, accessories, footwear, and outdoor, but also for curtains and home textile


  • Padding
  • Printing
  • Mild drying
  • Steaming 338°F (210°C) for 10–12 minutes or fixing (through heat press or calendar) at a temperature ranging from 410°F (210°C) for 30–60 seconds
  • Wash-off (Cold→Hot→Warm→Cold)

EFI Reggiani ARIA inks are available in the following colors:

ARIA Black (DE100K)
ARIA Cyan (DE110C)
ARIA Magenta (DE120M)
ARIA Yellow (DE130Y)
ARIA Orange (DE140O)
ARIA Red (DE150R)
ARIA Blue (DE160B)
ARIA Violet (DE190V)
ARIA Gray (DE170G)
ARIA Light Cyan (DE200LC)
ARIA Light Magenta (DE210LM)
Deeping (DE100P)