Digital Printers for Direct Printing on Fabric

POWER: Give POWER to your productivity

Outstanding performance, extended uptime and low maintenance needs

EFI™ Reggiani POWER is the perfect industrial textile digital printer to increase your productivity and printing capability, without compromising on quality or flexibility.

EFI Reggiani POWER merges unparalleled reliability coming from long-lasting experience in textile digital printing with cutting-edge innovations that will bring your factory to the next level and make your production faster, smoother and more efficient.

At a glance

  • Enhanced ink recirculation system
    • Superior versatility to manage a wider variety of inks
    • Dramatic reduction of maintenance needs and stoppages
    • Increased tolerance to environmental conditions
  • New EFI Reggiani printing software
    • Real-time image processing
    • Printing parameters and geometry change on the fly
    • Easy-to-plan and flexible queue and job list
  • Proprietary head electronics
    • Simplified print carriage layout for quicker set up time and increased reliability
    • Easy printing head removal
    • Quick and tool free head alignment
Home textile
Sportswear & Footwear
Disperse direct
Disperse sublimation
Textile pigment
Polyester and elastane
Polyamide and elastane
Sublimation Paper


  • 32 printing heads with full variable drop size
  • Ink management: in-line continuous degassing and filtering
  • Printing head crash protective system
  • High-precision transportation belt
  • EFI Reggiani exclusive dynaplast roll compensating step vs continuous movement
  • Adhesion methods: thermoplastic, permanent, resin
  • Embedded magnetic system for adhesive application
  • Belt washing with both continuous and stop-and-go capabilities with air blade included
  • Integrated environmental sensor
  • Integrated water filtration system
  • Ink system open to certified suppliers
  • High uniformity printing modes
  • Easy-to-use print controls
  • Alert manager
  • Possibility to monitor and export all printing and printer data to an external DB or ERP
  • EFI Reggiani printing server: equipped with RAID 5 high-speed disks, providing high data transfer and redundancy. Incorporated UPS for data security
  • Software open to main RIP vendors


  • Outstanding performance and extended uptime thanks to reduced maintenance needs
  • Quick set up time and superior reliability
  • Best handling and adhesion for any textile substrates
  • Suitable for 24/7 operation
  • One operator can manage multiple printers in action
  • Multiple customisations available


  • Innovative and adaptive GUI
  • Job editor: what you see is what you get in each and every moment
  • Flexible queue management
  • Ink consumption calculation
  • Improved aesthetics with new look and feel


  • Printing width 180-240-340 cm
  • Production speed up to 1020 sqm/h
  • Printing heads 32

Fabric configuration

  • Fabric weight from 30 to 450 gr/sqm
  • Fabric feed (Entry):
    • small roll unwinder up to ø 400 mm
    • big roll unwinder (A frame) up to ø 1,600 mm
  • Fabric take-up (Exit):
    • fold
  • Dryer:
    • two industrial chambers


  • Fabric feed (Entry):
    • fold
    • segmented roller
  • Fabric take-up (Exit):
    • small roll winder up to ø 400 mm
    • fold and small roll winder up to ø 400 mm
    • big roll winder (A frame) up to ø 1,600 mm
  • Dryer:
    • additional industrial chambers
    • Drop size from 4 to 72 pl
    • DPI up to 2400

Paper configuration

  • Paper feed (Entry):
    • standard roll unwinder up to ø 400 mm
    • jumbo roll unwinder up to ø 900 mm
  • Paper take-up (Exit):
    • jumbo roll winder up to ø 900 mm
    • revolving winder turret (2 rolls up to ø 350 mm)
  • Dryer:
    • one/two industrial chambers

EFI Reggiani POWER:
regulatory model ReNOIR 180, ReNOIR 240, ReNOIR 340

* Further colour configurations available, including Fluo

* Further color configurations available

EFI Reggiani POWER*

Further printing parameters available
600 x 300 1 680 1020
600 x 600 2 385 580
600 x 900 3 260 390
600 x 1200 4 195 295