FSM Soft Winding Machine

Developed for chenille yarn transfer, this machine can be used for all fancy yarns. Speed, versatility, silent running speed, high production, reliability, ergonomic and aesthetic design are some of the features of the advanced FSM Soft Winding Machine, which provides great convenience. It is able to meet all the needs of the user in production and final winding. It offers the possibility of winding cylindrical or conical bobbins. Winding settings with different properties are made in a short time. Soft, smooth and homogeneous winding is achieved without reducing production.

Yarn Feeding Drum

Each head has two feed drums. The more we wrap the yarn from these drums, the softer the wound yarn is. It is possible to adjust the same tension in all heads thanks to the spring tension system with the number adjustment.

Optionally, the direction of the Yarn Feed drum can be on the left side of the

Optionally, the direction of the Yarn Feed drum can be on the right side of the head.

Speed Control System and Digital Panel

Digital Panel and Speed Control System are Standard on the machine. The proper winding is taken under control by the electronic circuit.

Sensitive Sensor

When yarn breaking or bobin finished the head stop automatically thanks to sensitive sensor. In case it’s prevent defective yarn winding.

Mechanic Scissors System

It is possible to catch wrong knots on yarn thanks to Mechanic Scissors System. So it’s hinder to defective yarn production.

Digital Meter Counter

Digital Meter Counter is fixed yarn amount of all bobbins. Thanks to this advantage all bobbins are equal amount.

Protection Covers

Main Electrical Panel and Back Electric Covers designed according to easy opening and closing shape and to obstruct enter dust.

Technical Specifications

  • WINDING TYPE : Conical and Parallel
  • WINDING LENGTH : According to request 6″ – 8″ – 10″ inches
  • WINDING SPEED : 1000 meter/minute
  • INVERTER : 1 piece for 4 heads
  • MOTOR : 2800 rpm, 0.09 Kw. For each head
  • TRAVERSE MOVING : Driven form motor mile
  • PACKAGE STOP : Mechanic adjustable magnetic switch
  • RADIAL ANTI PATT.SYSTEM : Electronic adjustment
  • YARN SENSOR : 1 piece for each head
  • YARN TENSION : Numarator adjustment spring system for each head
  • FEEDING DRUM : 1 piece for each head
  • OPTICAL APPARATUS : Her kafa için 1 adet
  • WAXING MOTOR : 1 piece for each head as optional
  • METER COUNTER : 1 piece for each head as optional