the solution for a perfect continuous steaming operation

What the market requires from a continuous steamer?

  • Total absence of colour replications on both fabric faces
  • Even and constant colour fixation over the whole fabric lot length and from selvedge to selvedge
  • Maximum colour brilliancy and fastness levels

VPM is the ideal solution. Product of a constant and restless technical investigation together with the transferring of the precious indications coming from our numerous customers, this machine represents the state of the art of the steaming process after the printing of whatever kind of fabric made of whatever sort of fibre and blends.

Which constructive solutions make VPM the real answer to the increasingly pressing question of a perfect steamer?

  1. DOUBLE CHAIN SYSTEM for the loops motion at constant speed, with no any risk of printing face contact.
  2. SUPERWET®, PATENTED SYSTEM, for the perfect control of the steam temperature constancy, thus of the steam humidity along all the process time and in all chamber’s partso.
  1. DOUBLE WALL CHAMBER CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY, along the entire chamber length for a perfectly even distribution of the steaming mixture.
  2. INVERT CONTROLLED THIRD CHAIN, for the optimum fabric carrying rods rotation speed setup, to avoid any selvedge curling effect on knitted fabric.
  1. FABRIC CARRYING RODS, INDEPENDENT AND NOT INTEGRATED IN THE CHAIN, for a fast and easy maintenance with very short machine stops.
  2. INLET AND OUTLET FABRIC CONVEYORS for a tensionless fabric conduction at the entrance and at the exit’s machine.
  3. DEVICE FOR THE AUTOMATIC SWITCH, from 100 to 200 mm distance between the fabric faces in the loop.
1. Double chain system
  • Fiberglass covered introduction cylinder.
  • Touchless loop formation.
  • Loop formation by means of overheated steam jet to avoid any water drop generation.
  • Double chain system for the loops motion at constant speed, with no any risk of printing face contact.
  • Two chains perfectly and perennially synchronized, as the hands of a mechanical swatch, move with uniform straight motion.
  • The fast chain forms the loop in a super safe way, being here the rods distant 1000 mm, drops the rods with the loop, on the slow chain and get them back at the end of the process.
  • The slow chains receive the rods, with the loop on, and carry them at fully constant speed, dependent from the set dwell time. The loops do not oscillate, the internal printed face of the loop cannot get in touch.
2. SUPERWET® patented system
The system that revolutionised the continuous steaming technology

The very unique and unavoidable requirement for a perfect steaming is the constancy and homogeneity of the temperature and therefore of the moisture level for the whole process. All this guarantees for every colour:

  • The brilliancy
  • The intensity
  • The fixation that means its fastness

In an atmospheric system, physical law links the temperature and the humidity of steam, therefore to control the constancy of the temperature implies automatically to control the constancy of its saturation humidity.


  • The quantity of Urea in the process increases
  • Two are the reasons for a steam temperature increase:
  1. the fixation’s exothermic reaction
  2. the action of the Urea
  • The traditional system to decrease the steam temperature, spraying nebulised water are sufficient anymore

In 2006 Salvadè develops a revolutionary system, that made his mark in the continuous steaming history, exceptional in its practicality and economy, named SUPERWET®.

Now, it is the air mixed with the nebulised water to control the steam temperature.

  • ± 2°C of tolerance
  • The water consumption drops down of 80%
  • The steam consumption drops down of 40%
Vpm Specifications
Fabric capacity mt 25 / 550
Working width mt 1,60 / 4,00
Average steam consumption standard (200 mt) kg/h 500/900
kW installed kW 1 / 2,6
Adjustable speed mt/min 0 / 70
Adjustable loop length mt 0,5 / 2,7


3. Double wall construction technology
  • Double wall along all the longitudinal extension of the chamber
  • Inspection windows for the nebulised water nozzles maintenance

The steaming “cocktail”, new steam, recirculated steam, air from SUPERWET® and nebulised water, will be mixed inside this precious gap.

Heat exchangers, working whether with GAS, or thermos-oil, or overheated steam or even electricity along the whole gap, bring the steaming mixture temperature up to the optimum level to fix the disperse dyestuff or to polymerise the pigments..

The steaming mixture gets evenly and uniformly in the chamber along all the length of the longitudinal chamber’s wall.

4. Fabric carrying rods rotation speed control
  • The knitting and elastic fabrics in general, suffer for a problem that is always present and not easy to solve: the selvedge’s curling
  • The fabric carrying rods must rotate while moving on the chain. Over a certain rotation speed value, different for every kind of fabric, the selvedge curls with an enormous risk of colour replication
  • The third chain, inverter control moved, is the winning solution that equips our steamers
  • It permits to setup of every kind of fabric the rod rotation speed which does not generate the selvedge curling
5. Loop carrying rods independent and not integrated in the chain

The solution with fabric carrying rods independent and not integrated in the chain permits:

  • An easy and fast rods cover substitution without the need of any adhesive
  • To have a reduced number of rods
  • To minimize the machine downtimes
6. Elastic fabrics tensionless conveying systems

Elastic fabrics tensionless conveying systems, by means of conveyor belts at the entrance and at the machine’s exit (as optional).

This is how Salvadè takes care of the knitting and the elastic fabric in general, along all the treatment. The fabric is always conveyed tensionless.

7. Automatic system to set the fabric distance in the loop, from 100 to 200 m

To set a double distance between the printed faces of the fabric inside the loop, one every other rod must be removed. Salvadè solution where the fabric carrying rods are not integrated in the chain allows to:

  • Take the 50% of the rods manually out of the chamber (the chamber must be cold)
  • Automatically remove and immediately store the 50% of the rods (the chamber doesn’t have to be cold). The system has been patented in 1997 (optional).
A. Introduction conveyor belt ideal for elastic fabrics with end photocell sensor

A. Introduction conveyor belt ideal for elastic fabrics with end photocell sensor

B. Protection paper rolling device at constant traction level

C. Entry and exit in opposite side (STANDARD)

D. Fabric conveyor belt for same side inlet and outlet

E. System with one 220 mm motorised Teflon covered heated cylinder

F. Double system: hot air or infrared + one 220 mm motorised Teflon covered heated cylinder

G. Fabric introduction from big or small roll

H. Automatic chains lubrication system