a tumbler/dryer or a dryer/tumbler? “simply” a mach5

2005 Salvadè launches is first continuous Tumbler/Dryer model Mach5, now a machine optimised in every single detail and ready for all challenges

The Tumbler in typically associated to woven fabrics. Mach5 showed immediately a great affinity for all knits because able to conjugate what was considered impossible:

  • Enviable hand feel effects
  • Fabric shrinkage and dimensional stability competitive with the famous conveyor belt tensionless dryers.
  • Extreme drying efficiency, an expertise the company developed since 1967.
  • Very effective fabric cleaning (ideal also for the preparation of the ready for digital printing fabrics).
  • Definitely the lowest running costs in the market
Enormous versatility in a very reduced space
  • Any fabric of any fibre, woven or knitted one
  • Final polymerization of pigment printed fabrics
  • Stand alone or inline installation

One machine, 4 effects:

How was it possible to conjugate these four aspects before March5 were incompatible one each other?

  1. Hand feel effects
  2. Powerful drying at low running costs
  3. Shrinkage and dimensional stability
  4. Fabric cleaning
That’s how!
  • A special parallel flow blowing unit, carries the fabric at high speed making it concussing the fixed and the angular adjustable grids and the baskets surfaces
  • The unique in the market 40.000 m3/h air flow rate is the only fabric carrier. The airflow speed can reach up to 150 km/h
  • 6 beating points per section
  • Patented airflow distribution system, through 4 blowers per section
  • 6 process adjustable parameters:
    • Air speed
    • Chamber temperature
    • Revolution numbers
    • Fabric speed
    • Grids gap
    • Exhaust air amount
  • Double panels shell, where the two panels are separated by 70 mm of rock wool and thermal break.
  • Close loop working system
    • Complete recirculation of the whole air volume, through a 4 m2 self-cleaning filter surface
    • Exhauster of only 4 kW


Number of sections 1 2
Chambers length mm 2.100 6.300
Working width mm 2.200 – 2.600 – 3.200
Roller width mm Working width + 200 mm.
Production with cotton fabric
(85% Inlet Pickup/ 8% Outlet Pickup; 150°C)
Ton/3shifts 8/10 16/20
Production with cotton fabric
(75% Inlet Pickup/ 8% Outlet Pickup; 150°C)
Ton/3shifts 9/11 18/22
Production with cotton fabric
(65% Inlet Pickup/ 8% Outlet Pickup; 150°C)
Ton/3shifts 10/12 20/24
Installed thermal power with 10 bar steam kcal/h 165.000 330.000
Installed thermal power with diathermic oil (250°C inlet temperature) kcal/h 220.000 440.000
Installed thermal power with gas kcal/h 300.000 600.000
Consumed thermal power
(In case of Gas heating, Gas consumption)
Air flowrate m3/h 40.000 80.000
Maximum Speed m/min 50 50
Installed Power kW 55/65 115/125
Fan motor installed power (each section) kW 45 - 55
Consumed Electrical Energy kWh 42 - 50