Finishing-sanforizing line for denim

A solution
for all your
denim finishing

We can offer from classic in- line solutions, which has been used for many years, to the discontinue solutions. These solutions can include additional and auxiliary processes for the processing of denim like the desizing, mercerizing and washing or even heat-setting of denim containing elastane.

The traditional BlueTEX concept allows to achieve speeds ranged between 35-40 mt/1’ on the 14,5 OZ denim while solution with the double shrinkage unit and double felt calender can allow to sensibly increase the speed of production on any kind of denim fabric weights.

BlueTEX lines are studied, developed and up-dated in accordance to the change of fashion in the denim sector.

Raw Fabrics to Finished Denim


Technical specifications

Working width (mm)

1800 / 2000 / 2200

Fabric to be processed

Cotton and blends made denim fabrics

Production speed

35 – 70 m/min

Possible use of machine

In accordance to its configuration


To be discussed and agreed in accordance to your requirements


Cibitex machines can be completed with the following solutions

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