Sanforizing line for wovens

The sanforizing machines we offer can be completed with various accessories to process a wide range of cotton and blends woven fabrics. The sanforizing process is also used with synthetics and pigment printed fabrics to assure them a better finishing touch.The sanforizing process is used for all those fabrics having as final destination the garment and home textile industry.

The Cibitex finishing process can guarantee the highest standards of quality for the control of residual shrinkage in warp and weft direction and it is the solution adopted by the most resounding world brands in woven sector. The shrinkTEX concept (W series) allows to achieve speeds of production up to 70 mt/min while a solution with double shrinkage unit and double felt calender allows to increase the speed of production on any kind of fabric weights considerably.

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ShrinkTEX lines are studied, developed and up-dated in accordance to fashion’s evolution


A continuous commitment to be virtuous

Cibitex believes in social responsibility as a core value. For this reason we’re constantly engaged in the adoption of internationally recognized best practices in the conduct of our business and customer, suppliers, partners and stakeholders relationship management.

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