Digital Printers for Direct Printing on Fabric

Run faster than your speed limit

Rewrite the rules of textile single pass

EFI™ Reggiani BOLT is at the cutting-edge of technology: boosted uptime and reliability, high performance throughout, unparalleled printing uniformity and accuracy, and superior printhead life and minimal maintenance needs make BOLT the next generation textile single-pass printer.

EFI Reggiani BOLT delivers beyond your expectations with:

  • Unparalleled speed
    the only digital printer to reach a 295 ft/min (90 m/min) operational speed
  • No time lost for maintenance
    at start-up and during production
  • Massive ink laydown
    in the same time unit compared to existing technology
  • Proprietary IP
    combining digital and rotary technologies for hybrid solutions
  • Competitive ROI
    thanks to high productivity and unmatched reliability
Fabric in- and outfeed systems

based on EFI Reggiani’s proprietary knowhow, allow complete flexibility and high performance in fabric management.

Precision conveyor belt

enables reaching top speed without compromising on printing accuracy.

Innovative recirculation printhead concept

developed with first-class printhead manufacturer, ensures 3x ink laydown in the same time unit and better printing uniformity.

Extractable printing beams

Compact printing chamber footprint extractable printing beams ensure easy access to printheads and ink system for the operator.

Ink delivery system

High performance and versatile ink delivery system, tailored on printhead, overcomes printing quality limits, thanks to real-time printer start-up and minimal maintenance needs

Wiping system and test calibration scan unit

developed with first-class printhead manufacturer, ensures 3x ink laydown in the same time unit and better printing uniformity.

Color management and flexible color configuration

Plain colors, geometric patterns, fine lines, deep black, smooth gradients— any limit can be overcome thanks to EFI expertise in color management and flexible color configuration.

EFI proprietary electronics and software

ensures real-time printing and high performance throughput

High-efficiency dryer

with removable filters based on EFI Reggiani’s expertise and heavy insulation panels dramatically reduce heat waste.

EFI Reggiani BOLT inks
The fuel to boost BOLT printing performance

These eco-friendly, water-based inks are designed and optimized for BOLT printhead
technology to ensure extraordinary durability and uniformity, longer printhead life,
and brilliant colors.

Main features

  • Excellent runnability
  • Extended color gamut
  • High fastness properties
  • Full color range of inks
  • High standard continuous quality control

Fiery technology drives BOLT to deliver print quality beyond your expectations

The Fiery® digital front end is built to deliver superior screening, professional color management, instant and cost-efficient sampling, and the technology to produce the finest print quality with the highest productivity. It is combined with powerful textile and fashion design tools, reducing the creation of color books, repeats, and colorways to merely minutes instead of hours.

  • Digital front end, RIP, and color workflow
  • Textile design, sampling, and production tools
  • Extensive color management solution
  • Fiery XB bladed hardware for high performance
  • Essential part of the EFI digital textile ecosystem

Technical data

Printing method Single pass inkjet printer
Print beams From 4 to 12
Ink system High performance ink delivery system tailored on printhead, with inline degassing unit, 165.347 lbs (75 kg) ink per cane
Ink laydown 3x ink laydown compared to existing technology
Print resolution Up to 600 x 4800 dpi
Drop size Variable drop size from 5 to 30 picoliter
Fabrics Maximum fabric width 77 in (1950 mm), net print width 72 in (1830 mm)
Printing speed Up to 295 ft/min (90 m/min)
Dimensions (L x W x H) Approximately 33 ft x 20 ft x 13 ft (10 m x 6 m x 4 m) (8 colors, analog station included)
Fabric feed system Precision in- and outfeed system
Fold and big roll maximum ø 2000 options available. Suitable for A-frame
Dryer High-efficiency dryer from two to six sections up to seven passages Heating sources available: gas, oil, and steam
Analog station Proprietary IP combining digital and rotary technologies for hybrid solutions
Printing heads 25 in repeat
RIP software Fiery
Reactive and Pigment
Further ink classes coming soon

EFI Reggiani reserves the right to modify, at any moment and without prior notice, the data and technical specifications published herein.