KTM Three Yarn Folding Machine

KTM Three Yarn Folding Machine

Operator Panel

Independent Speed Control unit for each head and Operator Panel is standard on the machine. In case correct winding taken control by electronic circuit. Heads speeds and meter adjustment can adjust separately thanks to Operator Panel. According to desired speed and motor whichever head can run independently from each other.

Meter Counter

According to head number, yarn winding amount adjustable as meter type form main Operator Panel. When winded desired amount the head stop automatically. Blue led and yellow button lights turning. When pressed again yellow button the winded yarn amount will be zero.

Scissors System and Waxing Motor

Scissors System: During yarn folding process of three yarns whichever reason like to occur one of yarn breaking or bobin finished, the scissors system cut three yarns same time. It has Optional Waxing Motor. It is possible to adjust same tension on each head thanks to numerator adjustment spring tension system

Tension System and Sensitive Sensor

Three pieces metal cap yarn tension system which erected on creel system for each head and Optical Yarn Sensor system provide to stop system when occur yarn breaking.

Separator System

Separator system to hinder yarn powders moving between heads and to obstruct yarn breaking because of occured balloon during winding process.

Protection Covers

Main Electrical Panel and Back Electric Covers designed according to easy opening and closing shape and to obstruct enter dust.

Technical Specifications

  • WINDING TYPE : Conical and Parallel
  • WINDING LENGTH : According to request 6″ – 8″ – 10″ inches
  • WINDING SPEED : 950 meter/minute
  • INVERTER : 1 piece for each head
  • MOTOR : 2800 rpm, 0.09 Kw. for each head
  • TRAVERSE MOVING : Driven form motor mile
  • PACKAGE STOP : Mechanic adjustable magnetic switch
  • RADIAL ANTI PATT.SYSTEM : Electronic adjustment
  • YARN SENSOR : Capacitive 3 yarn sensor for each head
  • ÇAĞLIK SİSTEMİ : Designed for 3 yarn place underside of the machine.
  • ELEKTRONİK MAKAS : 1 piece for each head as optional
  • WAXING MOTOR : 1 piece for each head as optional