Singeing line for wovens and open-width knits


The Cibitex singeing process can guarantee the highest standards of quality in terms of hairiness removal. The uniformity of the flame on the whole width of the burners allows to get the best possible results. The possibility to position the burners in tangential, perpendicular position allows you to run a wide range of articles from the most delicate up to the heaviest one


The production and controls on the machine are fully automated with the supervision of all the production necessary data for machine setting. The singeing line can be also supplied with a desizing process with the main target to obtain a fabric free from sizes so that the penetration of dyeing, printing and finishing chemicals makes the best possible quality of your products.

The singeing lines we offer can be completed with various accessories like filters to release clean air in the atmosphere, preparation mixing tanks for the feeding of the desizing unit, filter and heat exchanger for the proper recycling of the desizing bath.

The singeing process is used for all those fabrics to which you can add a value in the final finishing and appearance. The speed of the singeing machine can vary a lot in accordance to type of processed fabric, quality of grey fabric and hairiness.

A solution
for all your

SingeTEX lines are studied, developed and delivered in accordance to the requirements of our customers.

Technical specifications


Working width (mm)

1800 / 2000 / 2200

Fabric to be processed

Cotton and blends made denim fabrics

Production speed

35 – 70 m/min

Possible use of machine

In accordance to its configuration


To be discussed and agreed in accordance to your requirements


Possible singeing position of burners

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